Clubhouse Rental Form

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Step 1 of 5 - Clubhouse Usage Regulations


    1. The presence of a responsible SHOA member is required for the duration of the function.
    2. Clubhouse is not to be used for commercial use.
    3. A maximum of 60 people are allowed for a buffet-style event. A maximum of 40 guests for a sit-down event.
    4. Anyone using the clubhouse for any function will clean the facility thoroughly and place all furniture back in the designated location before leaving.
    5. Paper towels and toilet paper for restrooms, cleaning items, and a vacuum cleaner are available in the closet. All areas must be thoroughly cleaned before locking up. See attached checklist.
    6. No unsupervised children are permitted to use the clubhouse.
    7. Wet bathing suits are only allowed in the two bathrooms. Everyone must towel dry before entering building.
    8. All individuals attending the function must be considerate of the neighbors who live adjacent to the clubhouse. No parking cars on both sides of the street. No loitering in the parking lot. When the event is over you must leave the premises.
    9. No loud music is permitted after 11:00pm every night, per Cobb County Ordinance.
    10. Guests should be out and the building locked by 11:00pm on weekdays and 12:00am on weekends.
    11. When the clubhouse is used for Somerset functions/meetings, someone must be responsible for locking up afterward.
    12. It is expected that the clubhouse will be treated as if it were your own home and that you accept responsibility for the facility.
    13. No smoking is permitted inside the building.
    14. No decorations should be used that will damage any painted surface.
    15. No glass on the pool deck.
    16. Must be 21 years old to book the clubhouse.
    17. Refrigerator is to be cleaned out at the end of each day.
    18. Only one grill may be used during pool season, if available.