Are you BUYING A HOME IN SOMERSET?  Please make yourself familiar with our memberships, and be sure to ask the seller the $1,000 question….”Is this property an active member of the Somerset Homeowners’ Association (SHOA)?” Email questions to SHOA at


Attention Somerset Closing Attorney Or Real Estate Agents


If you are handling a Somerset sale and will need an HOA letter, Please go to Closing Letter Request

  • Click on New Resident Info

  • Select HOA Closing Letter Request

  • Complete and submit request form electronically.

We will then send you the requested HOA letter.


Helpful Attachments: 

Voluntary HOA Membership Details: 

  • $300 annual SHOA member fee for properties with active status (renewing members).

  • $1,000 renewal fee for properties with lapsed status (properties that do not renew current year dues change to lapsed status, and will be subject to this fee, in addition to the annual fee, should they desire to become members in the future).

Additional Voluntary Memberships Available

  • $400 swim tennis fee for active SHOA members

  • $1,400 swim tennis fee for properties with lapsed status