Free Notary Available to meet at clubhouse. 

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The permanent membership campaign is underway and we are gathering many neighbors signatures that are wanting to secure the future value of their homes and shared resources.

Here is a brief recap of what is happening:

  • Before December 1st we need to have 165 permanent members signed up for either Civic or Full permanent members.
  • Each household can choose from either Civic, Full or continue to be a voluntary member.
  • For most current Swim Tennis members the Full membership is the cheapest option.
  • We are asking all residents to consider joining at least as a Civic member to strengthen the community and secure our shared property so we can continue to enjoy the benefits of increased property values.
  • When choosing Civic or Full all owners will need to sign the Election form below.
  • Notary service is available at the SHOA board meetings at 7pm on October 9th and November 13th.  The UPS Store also provides this service.

The board is working with TLA to bring the lake maintenance back under SHOA and we are working on a long term plan to always be able to maintain the lake without having to have emergency campaign funding drives.


Here are the documents from the mailed packet:


Declaration of Protective Covenants and Permanent Membership

Download 174.53 KB 40 downloads


Permanent Campaign Summary

Download 193.97 KB 39 downloads


Election Form - Permanent Membership Form

Download 38.30 KB 164 downloads