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The Somerset Clubhouse

The Somerset Clubhouse, located at 3417 Turtle Cove Court SE, is our community venue for cozy events located in the heart of the subdivision, adjacent to the pool, tennis courts, and dock looking out on Turtle Lake.

The clubhouse holds 60 people for a buffet-style event and 40 people for a sit down event. (Events larger than that require special permission, a simple majority vote by the Board, which typically meets monthly.)

Clubhouse Venue Features

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    The clubhouse features a large rectangular room (~800 sq. ft.) with a cozy fireplace, two sofas, four chairs, and four moveable ottomans. There is also a large private bathroom (separate from the pool).

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    The clubhouse features a large-screen TV—including an Apple TV—allowing for music and video streaming from your own device or logging into your personal media accounts.

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    During events, two sets of grand French doors can open up to the pool. This, however, does not imply the use of the furniture under the portico. It’s important to note that the portico is a shared space with SHOA members throughout your event.

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    The clubhouse comes equipped with folding tables and chairs for your event inside the clubhouse.

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    The clubhouse features two lengthy countertops perfectly suited for serving food and drinks.

Clubhouse Shared Space Features

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    Rental includes shared access to a full kitchen with refrigerator, oven, stove-top, microwave, and margarita machine.

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    Outside of the clubhouse, in the pool area, there are two large grills available for use during your event.

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    The portico is an ideal spot for utilizing one or two tables stocked with your party’s pool supplies. This allows your guests to have easy access to towels, drinks, and pool toys without dampening the clubhouse.

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    Note: If, during your event, there were complaints from residents that public or shared spaces were not usable, then SHOA board reserves the right to withhold your deposit.

Pool Parties


Clubhouse bookings include a four-hour time block.  All renters require a $250 refundable deposit, and fees depend on membership status:

    • $100 for SHOA Swim/Tennis Members
    • $150 for SHOA Members or outside Swim/Tennis Members
    • $250 for non-SHOA Member residents/outside groups (SHOA member sponsor required)
How to rent the clubhouse

The Somerset Clubhouse is available for use by Somerset Homeowner’s Association (SHOA) members whose dues are current.

The clubhouse can be rented to non-members or outside groups if they are sponsored by a SHOA member. Non-member Somerset residents/outside groups are required to list their SHOA member sponsor on the application form.

Follow these steps to book the clubhouse:

  • Check current clubhouse availability on the calendar
  • Complete the online clubhouse rental form
  • Drop off the $250 deposit check and usage fee per the clubhouse chair’s instructions
    clubhouse chair will confirm the booking
  • Arrange to obtain the key with the clubhouse chair
  • Return the completed checklist with the key to the clubhouse chair

Overview of the Rental Process

Deposit and Rental Checks

When the Clubhouse Chairperson confirms the booking, the renter will submit separate checks for the usage fee and deposit.

Checks should be made payable to SHOA prior to renting the clubhouse.

Clubhouse Keys

The renter is responsible for arranging to obtain keys from the clubhouse chairperson. The renter must return the keys to the clubhouse chairperson immediately after the event.

A $25 late fee will be deducted from the deposit if the clubhouse keys are not promptly returned to the clubhouse chairperson.

Post-Event Inspection and Damage Deposit

A clubhouse committee member will inspect the clubhouse after the key is returned. If it has been properly cleaned, and there is no damage, the deposit check will be returned.

If there is damage that needs repair or additional cleaning is required, the deposit will be assessed as follows:

  • If damages or additional cleaning are less than the damage deposit, the final charges will be deducted from the the deposit and the balance will be returned to the renter.
  • If damages or additional cleaning exceed the damage deposit, the renter is responsible for paying the balance due when notified of the final charges.

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