Turtle Lake

History and Stats

Like most in Georgia, Turtle Lake is a man-made lake, and the exact age of the lake is unknown. Based on a review of map information provided by the 1993 United States Geological Survey (USGS) Sandy Springs, Georgia, the lake is shown as an original landscape feature. This would date the lake construction prior to 1993 for an age of at least 22 years.

  • The lake is 2.28 acres.
  • The average depth is almost one foot with a range of .05 to 3.33 feet and nearly 11,000 cubic meters of water volume.

Sources: 2019 Bathymetry Report and 2015 dredge proposal


Turtle Lake is maintained year-round by a lake-management company that treats the water and removes debris.


Every few years, the lake is dredged of runoff that builds up over time. This cost is shouldered by SHOA members.

The lake was last dredged in 2020, removing 9,900 cubic yards of spoils, which were incorporated into Turtle Lake Landing, the lot on Somerset Trace.

SHOA uses the lot for the spoils to dry out, and then worked into the land, saving us the huge expense of hauling and dumping the spoils elsewhere.

Somerset Dredge 2020

Somerset Lake Chair


All neighbors can access the lake from the dock across from the clubhouse at 3417 Turtle Cove Court or from the Turtle Lake Landing off of Somerset Trace.

Residents enjoy non-motorized boating on the lake from canoeing and kayaking to pedal boating.

The lake makes a stunning setting for our annual Fourth of July fireworks display.

Somerset Fireworks

Turtle Lake Wildlife

Whether fishing by boat or shore, there’s big mouth bass, pan fish, cat fish, and more to catch-and-release on Turtle Lake. SHOA is currently researching a stock program to make fishing even more robust.

Aside from fish that thrive in Turtle Lake, there are numerous species of — you guessed it — turtles, including common snapping, leatherback, box, painted, and Florida soft-shell turtles.

There are also ducks, heron, geese, toads and frogs, non-venomous snakes, and the occasional beaver that thrive in our lake!

Turtle Lake is Somerset’s most unique amenity and has even inspired children to learn about the lake and help care for it with the Somerset Kid’s Lake Club.