Members that are in “active” status are can renew their membership at the annual rate and are eligible to add a swim/tennis membership to their SHOA membership.


Members that are in “pending” status have not yet paid their membership dues for the current year. Dues are due by January 31st of the current year.  If dues are not paid the property will be converted to “lapsed” status and will be required to pay the  $1,000 reinstatement fee plus the annual HOA fee.


Members that are in “lapsed” status are required to pay a $1,000 reinstatement fee plus the annual HOA fee. Once reinstated, SHOA members can renew their SHOA membership for the normal annual rate.

Annual Dues

Each year, the SHOA membership, at the annual meeting, decides on the dues for the coming year (January1-December 31). Annual SHOA dues must be paid by January 31 of the new membership year. Failure to pay the dues in a timely manner can result in the property becoming “lapsed”  and subject to the above reinstatement fee.

SHOA Membership Chair

Lydia Olu-Harding


Membership in the Somerset Homeowners’ Association (SHOA) has always been voluntary.  Originally, households that opted to become SHOA members were required to pay annual dues in order to remain in good standing and were subject to protective covenants establishing land-use restrictions, making provisions for property and lake maintenance, and restricting non-residential use of properties, etc.

In the late 1990s, these covenants expired. However, properties initially bound by the covenants remain so, even after a change of ownership. Residents are of course strongly encouraged to join or maintain their voluntary SHOA membership and to adhere to the community standards outlined in the original covenants.



SHOA membership gives you the right to vote on any issues affecting the community, to participate in all members-only social activities, and is a prerequisite for membership in the Somerset Swim and Tennis Club.

Membership in SHOA is also a demonstration of your commitment to and support of your community. Throughout the year, Somerset residents are encouraged to make use of and participate in all of the programs offered by the SHOA board and supported by other active residents.

  • Rental of the Somerset Clubhouse for private family and social functions
  • Annual celebrations like the Easter Egg Hunt, Cinco de Mayo/Derby Day Evening, The Fourth of July fireworks display/parade, Halloween parade, hot chocolate with Santa ect…
  • Social programs like the annual progressive dinner, taking part in pool parties including (but not limited to!) chili-cook-offs and corn hole tournaments, and school start and end parties
  • Tennis and pickleball round-robin leagues and tournaments
  • The Somerset Book Club
  • The Sharks swim team


SHOA membership is property – not home-ownership – based. If a family purchases a home that is in active SHOA membership status, the new owners assume the SHOA membership for the duration of the purchase year.

They would maintain their membership by paying the SHOA membership dues in subsequent years.

If the newly-purchased property is not a SHOA member, or if the prior owner has allowed membership to lapse, our by-laws state that the new owner must, in order to become a SHOA member, pay a $1,000 membership initiation fee plus the current annual dues. The Board understands that this fee may be difficult for new owners and is open to discussing a payment plan.

Members are invited to the annual SHOA Membership Meeting, usually scheduled for the second week in November. Although all residents are invited to attend, only active, paid members of the current year are permitted to vote on issues presented for a membership decision.