• Anyone using the pool on behalf of themselves and their minor children assumes all risk with using the pool, including but not limited to any risk of contracting COVID –19. The Association is not liable for such risk.
  • Persons who are or have been ill, including anyone with a fever, must not use the pool for 14 days following the resolution of their symptoms.
  • Total pool attendance will be limited to 100 persons. The Pool Committee and Board reserve the option to limit maximum pool visits to accommodate others wishing to use the facility. Please be considerate in this regard.
  • No pool parties.
  • Access to Lifeguards will likely be limited, so normal pool rules apply when there is no Lifeguard..
  • Please remove any personal items, including flotation devices and goggles. Any items left at the end of the day will be discarded.
  •  Following the experts, a few things we considered regarding opening the pool safely:
    • Social Distancing is easily achieved in open areas and is effective in reducing COVID-19 risk.
    • Chlorine in swimming pools disables coronavirus.
    • Coronavirus doesn’t survive as long in the sunshine.
  • The following advisory and warning will be posted at the pool entrance:




  • Pool users acknowledge and accept the risk of exposure and warning to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. By entering the pool area, users assume responsibility for their protection and the protection of their minor children by following federal, state, and local guidelines including disinfecting hands and shared surfaces in the pool area.
  • Do not use the pool if you are or have had a fever or been sick in the past two weeks.
  • You must maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between you and others who are not a part of your household.
  • Anyone using pool facilities, including bathrooms and kitchen, assumes all personal risk.